Machine Learning

Face Mask Detection with Yolo v4

Face masks are one of the key strategies listed from the CDC to prevent the spread of the novel COVID-19. However, not everybody follows those guidelines. Using an automated machine learning approach, it is possible to detect face mask wearing compliance. Additionally, it can lead to better safety measures as one can use remote systems to monitor for mask compliance. In this post, we use Yolo v4 to perform object detection on face masks.

Q Learning with Atari

Q Learning is a off policy reinforcement learning algorithm which has been popularized by Deep-Q networks used in networks in games such as in Go and DOTA. OpenAI hosts a bunch of different environments to reinforcement learning models to play around with. This post will give an example of how to implement a Q learning algorithm in atari games.

Fake Job Classification

The unemployment rate in the United States acording to the US Department of Labor as of June 2020 is at 11.1%. As all of the job postings are done online now, most companies can directly post to job boards or have job data pulled from job aggregators. However, not all job postings are true job postings as some are fradulent job postings used to harvest data or other sensitive information towards desperate job seekers. Using Natural Language Processing, we built a predictive model to classify potentially fraudulent jobs.